CIBERSORTx is an analytical tool from the Alizadeh Lab and Newman Lab to impute gene expression profiles and provide an estimation of the abundances of member cell types in a mixed cell population, using gene expression data.

CIBERSORTx has completed its migration to new hosting infrastructure.
We are currently working on resolving these known issues:
  • Some users are reporting the error "There was a problem reading the number or rows in your input file" when running the Impute Cell Expression module. We recently implemented a fix. If you have recently contacted us regarding this error, please let us know if the fix resolves your problem.
Thank you for your patience.
Please contact us if you encounter any problems.
(Last updated 4/28/22)
Please note that any jobs that consume more than 24 hours of CPU time will be terminated without warning. If you need to run large data sets, we suggest requesting token access to run the Docker containerized version of CIBERSORTx.
EcoTyper, a new machine learning framework for the identification of cell states and ecosystems from bulk, single-cell, and spatially-resolved expression data, is now available. EcoTyper extends CIBERSORTx for large-scale profiling of cellular ecosystems.