CIBERSORTx is an analytical tool from the Alizadeh Lab and Newman Lab to impute gene expression profiles and provide an estimation of the abundances of member cell types in a mixed cell population, using gene expression data.

EcoTyper, a new machine learning framework for the identification of cell states and ecosystems from bulk, single-cell, and spatially-resolved expression data, is now available. EcoTyper extends CIBERSORTx for large-scale profiling of cellular ecosystems.
The CIBERSORT legacy website has been incorporated into the CIBERSORTx website under the menu item CS Archives.
We completed the emergency maintenance and the website is now restored to full functionality. Although we don't anticipate any major problems, please report any bugs or problems that you do find, and we will do our best to address them later this month. (last updated August 6, 2022)